7 Female Rocket League Players You Should Know About

The gender split in gaming is narrowing all the time. In 2022, around 48% of gamers in the United States were female. Sadly, women are less represented in professional circles. The likes of Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn and Katherine “Mystik” Gunn remain the exception, rather than the rule.

However, games like Rocket League have proved incredibly popular with female audiences. What’s more, esports organizations are taking note. In 2022, Knights announced an all-female Rocket League team. While this roster is almost certain to make waves, they’re not the first female gamers to make an impact.

1. Jamie “Karma” Bickford

Jamie “Karma” Bickford is, without a doubt, the most successful female Rocket League player of all time. Hailing from the United States, Karma originally started out playing Hearthstone, before switching focus. She’s competed in several A-Tier Rocket League tournaments over the years, including the Rocket League Spring Series and Rocket League Championship Series. Although her tournament winnings are modest, she’s made a killing on streaming platforms.

2. Millie “Duckz” Ward

Millie Ward has been playing professionally since 2019. This English player might be young, but she’s already emerged as one of the strongest Rocket League talents around. She’s been part of many different team rosters, but currently plays for the Resolve as part of the all-female team. Recent successes include a first-place finish at the Herculyse’s New Era Series.

3. Sophie “Stvn” Stevenson

Sophie Stevenson also deserves a mention. This Scottish player plays alongside Millie Ward as part of the Resolve lineup. Previously, she’s served on teams including HG Esports and BS+COMPETITION. Alongside Ward, she’s become a standout in B-Tier competition.

4. Kira “Kira” O’Connor

North America is home to some of the most exciting Rocket League talent around. Although no female players come close to Jamie Bickford, expect great things from Kira O’Connor in the future. Now part of the Gen.G Mobil1 Racing Black roster, O’Connor helped her team to a second-place finish at the Herculyse’s New Area Series in 2023. She’s also secured runner-up finishes at C-Tier events like The Women’s Candy Classic.

5. Talynn “Talliebird” Brandon

Talynn Brandon is one of the oldest female players on this list. She’s also enjoyed one of the most storied playing careers among her peers. She’s enjoyed her biggest success with tenures with the likes of Dream and Misfits Gaming. A staple fixture of B-Tier and C-Tier events, she commands real respect in the Rocket League community.

6. Evie “Slumpii” Leonard

Evie Leonard is another English player to get excited about. She only started playing professionally, but in just a couple of years, she’s made waves in the B-Tier and C-Tier circuits. Currently, she’s part of the Endpoint squad.

7. Courtney “Courtney” Johnson

Finally, we shine the spotlight on Courtney Johnson. This American pro has played with more than half a dozen teams since entering the fray in 2019. Currently, she serves alongside Kira O’Connor as part of the Gen.G Mobil1 Racing Black squad. In 2022, she helped her team navigate to a first-place finish at the Women’s Car Ball finals. Along with O’Connor, expect big things for Johsnon in the future.

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