Best Esports Teams of 2022

This has been another great year for esports. The industry has grown significantly, numerous LAN events have been organized and things are slowly going back to the way they were before 2020.

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When you predict winners, some teams are more reliable than others. And in this article, you will learn more about the best esports teams of 2022.

A total of 4 esports have been selected for this list: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends, and Valorant. These are some of the biggest titles in the industry and their best teams should be carefully studied when watching or betting on esports.

The Best Teams in CS: GO

CS:GO is full of amazing teams but the best two of them in 2022 have been the following:

FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan have a formidable roster right now. And with it, they have won no less than 4 big tournaments this year. Three of them had a prize pool of $1 million while the 4th had a prize pool of $823,000. All of the world’s best teams attended these events and FaZe Clan proved repeatedly that they are the number one team in CS:GO.

It remains to be seen if FaZe can win the upcoming IEM Rio Major. They already won the first Major of the season, but the second one will be the one that gets remembered.

Natus Vincere

Na’Vi have been the second-best team of the year so far, obtaining important victories at BLAST Premier events. One of the reasons why the Ukrainians are so strong is s1mple. He is widely known as the best CS:GO player of all time and his performance has helped Na’Vi near the top of the global rankings despite their setbacks.

The Best Teams in Valorant

These are the teams that gathered most of the attention in Valorant:


LOUD had an incredible year in Valorant and managed to win the world championship, Valorant Champions 2022. They were certainly not the favorites, but their determination proved to be strong enough to carry them to an unexpected result.

With this triumph, LOUD became the most successful Brazilian esports team of 2022. We have not seen such a strong team from this country since the glory days of FalleN and coldzera in CS:GO. That happened back in 2016 – 2017.

OpTic Gaming

OpTic Gaming have been the second-best team in Valorant this year. Back in April, they won the Stage 1 Masters at Reykjavik, defeating LOUD in the Grand Final. But at the world championship, they were bested by the Brazilians. Nevertheless, OpTic remain a formidable team and will most likely come back stronger next season.

The Best Teams in Dota 2

In Dota 2, the great teams of the past have managed to stay near the top this year.


PSG.LGD finished the Dota Pro Circuit in 1st place with 2240 points. They were one of the most consistent teams in Dota 2 this season and are regarded as the favorites to win The International 11.


OG finished the DPC in 2nd place with 1930 points. During the regular season, they won a Major and had a lot of excellent results both regionally and internationally. OG should also be counted as one of the best esports teams of the year. Their chances of winning The International for the third time are quite high.

Team Spirit

Team Spirit are the current TI champions and winners of the most recent Dota 2 Major, PGL Arlington. They also finished 2nd at Riyadh Masters 2022 after losing the Grand Final against PSG.LGD. This is a team that has impressed so far and has not made any roster changes in the last few years. Therefore, their odds of winning TI11 are very high.

The Best Teams in League of Legends

The battle for Worlds 2022 will be amazing to watch and the best teams in LoL in 2022 have been these three:

G2 Esports

G2 Esports have an extremely strong roster right now and their results in 2022 have been excellent. This team won LEC Spring 2022 and finished 2nd in LEC Summer 2022. At Mid-Season Invitational they finished 3rd – 4th, which clearly proves that they are capable of beating many of the world’s strongest teams.

With the exception of Rogue, G2 are Europe’s best hope at the upcoming LoL Worlds 2022. Their entire roster is made up of fantastic players like Targamas, BrokenBlade, and Flakked. And the experience offered by veterans such as caPs will ensure success up to a certain level. Most likely, G2 will finish Worlds 2022 in 3rd – 4th place.

Gen.G Esports

This is the team that many people believe will win Worlds this year. Their carry player, Ruler, already won a LoL World Championship and knows exactly how to play to win a match under any circumstances.

Gen.G Esports finished LCK Spring 2022 in 2nd place after losing the Grand Final against T1. But they got revenge for that loss in the Grand Final of LCK Summer 2022, which they won without losing a single game.

Unless T1, G2, or one of the top Chinese teams can stop them, Gen.G Esports will be the new Worlds champions on November 5th.


After 5 long years, Faker is more likely and more determined than ever to win the LoL World Championship. His team will start the competition in the Group Stage of the event and will have a relatively easy job until the Playoffs. The opponents, Cloud9, EDward Gaming, and a Play-In team, are nowhere near T1’s level.

If Faker wins this tournament, he will have 4 Worlds trophies. This is a very impressive statistic for any esports athlete. Whatever you do, don’t bet against the man because he’s probably training for 80 hours per week right now and his teammates are all hungry for a win.

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