Resources and services to help a beginner better understand World of Warcraft

Despite the fact that World of Warcraft has been around for over 10 years, game developers from Blizzard are actively developing the project and regularly release updates that cause not only an outflow of old players, but also the emergence of new gamers ready to challenge the new world.

To deal with all the intricacies of World of Warcraft and play comfortably, you should pay attention to the following sites:

  2. WoW Wikipedia 
  3. Wowhead is a reliable store that provides services for the sale of game gold and leveling characters to players in World of Warcraft.

Why are shops with in-game currency and services popular if RMT is banned?

It is not possible to fully eradicate RMT from a project where there are players who need help in completing difficult raids, or they do not have enough gold to buy good equipment.

The store takes responsibility for the quality of the goods and services provided and relieves players of the risk of receiving game sanctions for the purchase of gold or services.

Gold – if the buyer decides to buy game currency from World of Warcraft, he needs to go to the site, select gold and specify the amount, after making the payment, the manager will contact the client and clarify the time and condition for the transfer of the paid goods.

You should not be afraid of game sanctions, since the store cooperates with trusted suppliers and holds the gold for several days until it is transferred to the client. This is necessary to avoid potential sanctions that may be imposed by the administration on gold if it was obtained and transferred illegally – for example, after an account was hacked, or farmed using bot programs.

Such gold is withdrawn, and so that the client could not even potentially face a similar situation that could spoil the rating of the store – the service holds the gold for some time for safety.

Passing a raid – many raids and dungeons like Karazhan in World of Warcraft require a good level of character training in terms of level and equipment and a well-coordinated team that will pass the raid without fails.

Not all players have the desire and ability to collect and strengthen the character and group, so you can order the passage of the raid and get all the rewards by spending some money.

What is required from the player?

Select a service on the site, specify additional parameters – for example, how the order will be fulfilled – transferring an account to experienced boosters, or self-participation. Having paid for the service, the manager will contact you and clarify the time and details of the order, as well as answer questions if you have not figured out something about the service.

WoW Wikipedia 

Reliable source of information regarding World of Warcraft.

All aspects of the game and the main mechanics are already listed on the The principles of the game for a certain class, tasks and features, raids and the mechanics of their passage, and much more.

The main advantage of the wiki is the complementarity and revision of the described content. World of Warcraft is constantly evolving, and some information can quickly become irrelevant, so it is regularly monitored and updated for the convenience of players.

The player will be able to learn the mechanics of leveling up selected professions, places to get consumables, read about the most important and useful chains of quests that are best done to maximize experience, gold and equipment.


If the World of Warcraft wiki is all about putting useful information and references to the right actions from players, then is a collection of guides and guides for all types of players.

The guide is a step-by-step description and instruction for new players to make it easier for them to understand and integrate into World of Warcraft.

For example – if you wonna play on Warrior, you need to read everything about class to understand all specific the character.

It is recommended to always read the guide about the desired character class before choosing it, or about a specific class if you know in advance who you will play as.

The guide will spell out the main quests, pumping places, what armor to wear and buy, a description of weapons and selection of skills, help with mastering professions, sociality and dependence on other classes, PVP and tactics against various opponents, and more.

The basis of success when starting a game in World of Warcraft is awareness of your steps in leveling and understanding what content should be skipped. Of course, you run the risk of making a lot of mistakes, but WoW, like other projects, is open to changing characters, races, and even changing factions. You will most likely want to try many classes before you finally decide on the choice, and master all the professions in different classes in order to fully support yourself.

Guides will help you master all these skills with minimal effort and time – read them.

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