How Much Is A Firestick At Walmart?

The FHD streaming Firestick will cost around $25 at Walmart, whereas the 4K variant of Firestick costs $30. This Fire Stick streaming device comes with a special remote control designed by Google and a built-in microphone allowing voice control.

If you want a Firestick, you will be surprised to find that you can get these entertainment devices in your nearby Walmart store. Walmart has the best deals on different models of android TV Firestick.

But How Do You know which Firestick Is Best Or You? 

If your TV supports 4K streaming, you should go for the 4K Max Firestick, which is faster than other variants. In addition, the loading time of apps and different features is faster on Max Firestick and comes with additional features like Dolby Vision, Wi-Fi 6, and a smooth interface. So if you are looking for the cheapest Firestick on the market, stop by your local Walmart to see what they have.

Can I Buy A Fire Stick At Walmart?

Yes, Those who wonder if Walmart sells Firestick will be surprised to find that Walmart sells almost every variant of Firestick at their stores. If you want a Firestick, you will be surprised to find that you can get these entertainment devices in your nearby Walmart store. Walmart has the best deals on different models of android TV Firestick.

From Fire TV Stick Lite to 4K Max Fire Stick, it is common to find FireSticks on Walmart shelves. It is recommended to go for Fire TV Stick if your TV supports 4K streaming and Firestick 4K Max if you want a faster device. In addition, a Fire Stick will allow you to access the OTT platform and enjoy uninterrupted streaming of high-quality content. 

As a regular buyer, you can find great deals on firestick at Walmart because they are the biggest retailer in the USA. 

Generally, Fire TV Sticks are placed under the electronics segment in Walmart stores. You can also contact the Walmart staff to find Firesticks in their store and get a rundown on their prices. 

How Much Do Fire Sticks Cost?

The cheapest version, Fire TV Stick Lite, costs $19.99, and the Fire TV Stick 4K Max is available for $54.99 at Walmart stores. However, the price of various Firesticks changes with time and in stores. 

Moreover, you can save on shipping charges by buying Fire TV Stick from a nearby Walmart store. Even after offering free shipping, it is common to find good discounts on Firesticks at Walmart.

 But, If you are thinking of buying a Firestick or any other merchandise from Walmart, then it is best to check out their prices and discounts before making any decision.

How Much Is A Firestick At Walmart?

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What Channels Are Free With The Firestick?

From global leaders like FOX and NBS to different regional networks, different channels are available for free streaming on Fire TV Stick. It also allows streaming movies and TV shows from Movies Anywhere or iTunes, which are unavailable on regular cable TV channels. The free channels in the Firestick are:

  • ABC  TV  (US only)
  • CBS TV  (US only)
  • NBC TV (US only)
  • Fox Broadcasting Co. (US only)
  • Fox News Channel (US only)
  • HBO westerns (Movies on HBO Go and HBO Now from the US)  
  • Showtime westerns (Movies with English subtitles on Showtime Anytime from the US).

Additionally, you can get news and movies on demand with Firestick. You can log in using your Amazon Prime or Netflix account and explore the whole world of entertainment on a TV screen using Firestick. However, you will require a subscription to a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu or a paid channel subscription like HBO to access content on these devices.

What Is The Cheapest Amazon Fire Stick?

Currently, Amazon Firestick has three variants available in the market. The cheapest variant is Fire TV Stick Lite at $19.99, whereas the most expensive one is Amazon Fire TV Cube which costs around $120. 

Different prices of Firesticks are visible in different countries and regions. For example, the cheapest version of Firestick is available at $21 in India, whereas it costs $25 in the USA and Europe. 

One of the easiest ways to get a free Firestick from Walmart is by using your Amazon App store account. Moreover, if you have a Prime account, you can gift a Firestick to any of your friends or family members with just a few taps on your smartphone or computer. The cost of Firestick depends on the model you want to buy. 

Does Fire Stick Work On Any TV?

Amazon Firestick will work on almost all TVs and devices with HDMI ports. It is compatible with Android phones, smartphones, Apple TVs, smart TVs, laptops, and desktops. You can find a list of supported devices on the Amazon site. In addition, you only need to install Amazon Video on your Firestick, and you can watch thousands of movies and TV shows for free. 

Additionally, you can also subscribe to Prime Video or Netflix. If none of these work for you, you can always check out YouTube TV for free content. You should also check out the operating system requirements such as Android 4.2 or higher, iOS 8, Mac OS X v10.8 or higher, Windows 7 or later OS, and Chrome OS v56 and higher are required to use Firestick. 

The device comes with 2GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory, varying across different Firestick variants. However, If you have not updated the firmware of your device or installed the latest app for your TV or phone, then Firestick will not work.

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How Much Is A Firestick At Walmart?

Which Is Better, Firestick Or Roku?

Firestick and Roku are the two most popular streaming devices these days. Both of these devices have similar features and capabilities. 

However, the remote control of Firestick is designed and produced by Amazon, which makes it a little better than Roku. Google Assistant is also available in Firestick to help you find a movie or TV show to watch. 

On the other hand, Amazon Firestick has an option to use your voice commands through Alexa, whereas Roku has a search function that is quite easy to use. 

Another major difference between Firestick and Roku can be found in their prices. You can easily buy Firestick from local Walmart stores at a low price, but Rokus will cost you more and are only available online. 

How Much Does Fire Stick Cost A Month?

After buying Amazon Fire TV Stick, there is no need to pay monthly or yearly charges to access its services. Instead, you must make a one-time full payment for the streaming stick to get free lifetime entertainment on your TV screen. After that, however, your monthly subscription charges for Prime Video or Netflix will be paid. 

To continue using Prime Video and Netflix on Firestick, you need to renew your membership by paying monthly subscription charges. However, you can easily enjoy all the streaming services with other apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu Plus by getting a monthly or yearly subscription. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do firesticks have a monthly fee?

No, there is no monthly fee to access different features of the Amazon Fire TV Stick. You just have to subscribe to Netflix on Amazon Prime Video, and you can access all the content on the platform for free.

2. What’s better, a Roku or a fire stick?

The major difference between these two devices can found in their features and remote controls. Although Roku has supported voice search options since its first generation, it does not have a remote as thoughtful as Amazon Firestick for searching content on the platform.

3. What channels do you get on Fire Stick?

Based on the country and region you live in, some channels will be missing. However, you can watch live TV channels like PBS NewsHour, TNT, and CNN that provide news updates for your daily dose of information. You can also watch different movies and TV shows online to relax during the evening.

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