How Can You Name Tv Shows And Movies In Plex?

Are you a movie lover? Do you love to watch all the movies and the TV shows that are released recently? If yes, then Plex is that platform for you that can provide you with access to all the media that are important to you. You can watch your personal media on a server of your own. You can have access to free and high demanding Movies and popular shows, live TV, audio podcasts, streaming music and web series How Can You Name Tv Shows And Movies In Plex

But for enjoying the media in Plex, naming Tv Shows are quite important. In Plex, TV episode naming will help you find the favourite media of yours very easily and you can easily avoid confusion. Generally, Plex keeps all the media in proper order. It has an excellent feature that can curate content from various other sources.

Since its release, it gains popularity as an outstanding platform for organizing the media library. Plex is popular for its User interface and its capacity for seamless performance and streaming. By the way, Plex has its own features and Plex’s naming convention for movies and TV shows is one of them.

Today, you are going to read in this article how to name movies and TV series in Plex.

Plex Naming Guide- Set Aside All The Confusions

You need to have a particular naming convention to make the system recognize the media rightly and properly. You need to create different folders for TV shows, music and movies. They should not appear in any other folder to set aside all the confusion.

If the TV shows, movies and music in Plex are not set rightly, you would take more time for searching the shows. If you do not upload the correct file mane with the right folder, you may have ended up with the trouble which can show an error something like this: Plex tv shows not showing up. This issue occurs because Plex has trouble identifying the media. Fortunately, there is a troubleshooter for you.

You have to follow a specific method in Plex season naming. And don’t worry about the method. Plex can provide you with the format automatically to make sure that it links with TVDB and the metadata of the app correctly.  This helps to recognize the media properly.

There is also a Plex file naming tool that is available for you. It is called Filebot. You can 100% rely on the utility of this tool. This tool has the capacity to find out exactly what kind of content you have stored. Also, it has the power to change the name of the content automatically to something by which Plex can easily identify the media.

When you are using a platform like Plex, you can follow the naming convention something like this:


/TV Shows

TV Content


Movie content


How Can You Name Tv Shows And Movies In Plex
How Can You Name Tv Shows And Movies In Plex

Music Content

However, the story does end here only. You have been very, very careful when it comes to TV shows, especially those TV shows which contain several seasons. You need to organize your media properly to set aside any kind of confusion and disorganization.

If I have to be more specific, I can say that the whole picture looks like this:


/TV shows

TV Shows name

Season 01

Episode 01 name (S01e01)

Episode 02 name (S01e02)

Season 02

Episode 01 Name (S02e01)

Episode 02 Name (S02e02)


Movie Name


Music name

You can also add the name of the TV episode and the release date of the episode if you want. It can help TVDB to remember each episode you are uploading. Make sure that the details you are providing to Plex are correct. Otherwise, you can end up with confusing issues.

Plex: Add TV Shows Manually

You can add TV shows manually in the platform Plex. I know that you have ended up several times with a common question: how to add TV shows to Plex? Trust me, it is a very usual question that the users of Plex are asking every day.

That is why I have decided to answer this question. You just need to go along with some quick, easy and simple steps. See the bullets below.

  • If you are not a Plex user, you at first have to download and install the Plex app.
  • Now, you should go to the Home Screen of Plex and select Settings in the top right corner.
  • Then, you have to go the Media Server of Plex from the side bar of the settings.
  • Go to Agents and select that particular option.
  • After that, you need to select the Library type and the agent that you wish to change.
  • At last, you have to make sure that the Local Media Assets are checked or not.

If you have followed these steps properly, this will get the work done for you. 

Plex: Naming Movies with Multiple Versions

You can also add the multiple versions of the same movie in Plex together. For multiple versions I mean to say the movies which have different other encoding formats and resolutions. You can store them as one single media. For example, I can say that suppose you have 3 versions of a movie. One is suitable for mobile phone, one is for tablet and one for 1080p TV. You can gather the 3 versions into one single media in your library of Plex.

How Can You Name Tv Shows And Movies In Plex

Plex has a versatile feature in it. Whenever you are about to play a gathered item, Plex will play the most suitable media for your device automatically. Also, you can choose a version that you want to play in some versions of Plex.

You have to merge the file by name it like this:

MovieName (Release Year) – ArbitraryText.ext

Here, the arbitrary text may be any text that suits the best to recognize the media outside the Plex application. And .ext here means the file extension. In this context, Plex has the capability to show the actual resolution for your device.

It will look something like this:


/Pulp Fiction (1994)

Pulp Fiction (1994) – 1080.mkv

Pulp Fiction (1994) – SD.m4v

Plex: TV Show Extras Naming

Plex naming extras has a format too. You can locate the local extras alongside of the main file of the movie in a proper dictionary that is named after the movie. You may indicate them by using a proper and specific naming at the last of the name of the file. You can name them by following this method:

How Can You Name Tv Shows And Movies In Plex
How Can You Name Tv Shows And Movies In Plex

Movies/MovieName (Release Date)/Descriptive_Name-Extra_Type.


  1. How do I name TV shows in Plex?

In Plex, for the TV Shows, you have to always include the year of release of the show alongside the title of the series while naming the folders and the files. For example, I can say that you can name a file like this: /Band of Brothers (2001)/ Season 02/ band of brothers (2001)- s02e01. 

  • How do I name TV extras in Plex?

You can indicate them by using specific naming at the end of the name of the file. Please find the below list:

  1. –behindthescenes
  2. -deleted
  3. –interview
  4. –secne
  5. –short
  6. –trailer
  7. -other
  • How do I match a TV show on Plex?

For fixing a match or matching a TV show on Plex, you have to go along with some steps.

  1. At first, you have to go to the details screen to find the show in Plex.
  2. Now, go to the three dots in the main action bar to find the additional options.
  3. From there, you have to choose the option: Fix match.
  • Where does Plex get TV show information?

Plex can get the TV show information from various sources. It can pull data from TMDB, IMDB, TVDB and many other sources.

To Sum It Up

Plex is a popular platform where you can enjoy numerous songs, TV Shows, web shows and movies. However, naming the files in Plex may look a bit confusing, but you follow the right steps, you can get the


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