Eunseo Bot Commands: From Basics To Advanced Techniques

If you want to use the Eunseo bot commands, then you have to click the Invite button and choose the server where you want the bot to be located. Then give the bot all the required permissions to work smoothly and after that, fill in a captcha to prove that you are not a robot.

Eunseo bot commands may vary depending on the specific bot and its features. Please consult the bot’s documentation or use the “!help” command for a list of available commands. Discord nowadays has become one of the most popular platforms, especially for gamers. It has numerous features for the users, and one of them is the Eunseo bot commands.

That is why gamers from the whole world who love to use Discord want to know how to use these Eunseo bot commands. And this is why I am writing this article to let you know everything about the Eunseo bot commands of Discord.

How To Use Eunseo Bot Command?

Discord has several bots on its servers that you can use to control roles or music, or to play a few mini games in that particular Discord server where the bot is located.

Eunseo Bot Commands

One such bot is the Eunseo bot. Basically this bot is nothing but a card games for adults working with solo singers as well as K-pop groups. It brings newer challenges and events depending on the group outcomes that increases the chances of getting different unique event cards.

To use the Eunseo bot commands, first of all, you have to click the Invite button followed by the server where you want the bot. Then provide all required permission to the bot to work smoothly. Then you have to fill in a captcha to prove that you are not a robot. Then the bot will be added to that particular server.

There are a total of 4 basic actions for it. Those are –

  • Get Gache Cards.
  • Collecting Gems.
  • Trade and Buy Cards.
  • Complete Groups.

There are different commands to perform each action I mentioned above. This is the procedure to play the game. Below I am giving you a list of all commands so that you can know which command to use for a specific action.

Daily Commands

/workFor claiming 100 gems in every 20 minutes
/dailyIt will give 500 gems to basic members, 1000 gems to premier and unlimited members
/voteWatch an ad and claim 500 gems in every 12 hours
/balanceCheck total number of peanuts and gems
/cdsTo check the time left to use the previously mentioned commands
/questTo see daily, weekly, as well as monthly quests for peanuts or gems

Gacha Commands

/gachaTo pull 1 to 10 cards that cost 100 gems for each card
/invTo see your or someone else’s card inventory
/fav cardsTo make some cards as favorite by using the card IDs
/fav lastTo make the last pulled card as favorite
/unfavRemove cards from favorite list
/burn cardsTo burn selective cards by using the card ID
/burn lastTo burn the last pulled card
/burn allTo burn all non-favorite cards present in the inventory costing 10 gems for each card

Trading Commands

/aucTo check selective auctions
/sell cardSell selective cards using their card ID
/sell lastTo put the last pulled card on the market for auction
/bidTo bid on a card that is available
/tradeStart a trade with a player
/addTo add cards in the trade
/acceptTo finish a trade
/cancelTo deny a trade
/buyTo purchase inventory expansions for till 500 card-slots/5000 gems 
/craftTo craft a common card by using peanuts
/redeemTo redeem an unlimited or premier membership by using your email ID

Utility Commands

/helpTo open the guide for quick help
/rulesTo see the bot rules
/profileTo see the details of your profile
/profile user: Discord IDTo see the Eunseo profile of the particular Discord ID
/profile new_bio:To add a new profile bio
/profile featured_card: Card IDAdd selective cards to the featured card slot of yours
/eventTo see the upcoming and current events
/lotteryTo see upcoming events for lottery
/opengiftTo open gifts by completing eras, groups, or idols

How To Fix Eunseo Bot Not Working Issue?

If you find the Eunseo Bot not working, then first of all you have to check the status of the internet connection. If your internet connection is not stable or not providing the required speed, then this issue can occur with Eunseo bot.

If the internet connection is not the issue, then it must be the outage in the bot server. So you can check the status of the server by opening the community server for the Eunseo bot support.

You should also check whether you have given all required permissions to the Eunseo bot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I set bot commands?
Ans. To set bot commands –

  • Open Team.
  • Choose Apps in the left side panel.
  • Search Developer Portal in the Apps page.
  • Choose Open.

Q2. What are the commands for the virtual diner bot?
Ans. Economy: money, daily, tip

  • Guilds: prefix
  • Information: apply, appeal, botinfo, help, discord, ping, invite, website, rules
  • Ordering: feedback, cancelorder, order, myorder

Q3. How do you AFK spam in Discord?
Ans. Choose the server of yours from the list located in the left side of the screen. Click on the name of the server followed by choose Server Settings. Come down to the Inactive Channel option in your Overview menu. Now choose one existing voice channel from the drop down list of the Inactive Channel and use as an AFK channel.

Final Words

As many Discord users want to use the Eunseo bot commands but do not know how to use them, I wrote this article to tell them everything about using Eunseo bot commands. I hope you will be able to use those Eunseo bot commands without any hassle. All the best!

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