Crypto Is In A Bear Market: What Is The Best Thing To Do As A Trader?

It has been a distressing year for cryptocurrency traders till now. The international market of crypto coins has compressed below one trillion USD – and the value of nearly every currency has pulled back by over fifty percent from their highs, with no prompt recovery visible amidst the underway bear market.

Beginning with BTC and Ethereum, every major crypto coin is fighting to ascent as selling deals in most currencies have risen in the last few weeks. Anyone who has not yet invested in digital assets may stay safe by avoiding the market. However, if you have already sunk your money into this field, here are some tips on how to survive crypto bear market. Let’s start by covering what’s the crypto bear market!

What Is The Crypto Bear Market?

Generally, the crypto bear market refers to when the values of cryptos continue declining for a considerable period. For the crypto sector, bear markets occur when this industry goes through at least a twenty percent decline from the latest highs.

You can identify the crypto bear market by looking at the decline of BTC prices. During these markets, supply remains higher than the demand requirements, values follow the downtrend, and confidence stays low. Also, these markets can be problematic for new traders or inexperienced investors. Moreover, it’s relatively challenging to tell when the bear market will end.

What Is The Best Thing To Do As A Crypto Trader?

Buy The Dip

Purchasing the dip entails maximizing the declining price by buying the crypto coin at a lower value. The primary point is that the declining price will regain a particular mark and open up new profit potential for you.

It’s common to buy the dip in the crypto bear markets but avoid purchasing too early. Consider buying when most investors have traded their holdings because of fear. For instance, you can buy in small portions and get top-notch entries by employing technical indicators and price action.

Dollar-Cost Averaging

Consider investing in small rising amounts over time instead of sinking all of them at once. This strategy allows you to maximize the crypto market downtrends without risking much of your money.

Trading with small amounts of money at various prices saves you the strain of attempting to track the crypto market for the bottom levels or looking for the appropriate trade entry prices. Generally, DCA allows you to invest frequently and slowly. It also prevents you from the risk of attempting to receive everything at once.

Portfolio Diversification

Portfolio diversification plays an indispensable role in hedging volatility. It’s crucial to ensure the portfolio includes several cryptocurrency assets. Moreover, you can consider other cryptocurrency earning choices, such as staking, which is a straightforward way of building your portfolio.

Also, consider purchasing reliable stablecoins. Although stablecoins don’t usually generate huge profits, you’ll feel like you have fulfilled something if you have cash somewhere.

Never Get Emotional 

Never make emotional decisions and remain calm even if the declining values make you unbearable or you consider bear markets perfect opportunities to purchase tokens at low values. Regrets are the outcomes of emotional decisions.

Bear markets test the traders’ tolerance and self-restraint – they can even make you totally avoid cryptocurrencies. However, note that bear markets never last eternally. The following crypto bull runs typically overshadow the bear markets.


There’s no hesitation that huge risks typically go along with bear markets. But, it can be the general starting point for your achievement in the following pitched battle if you attend to them well. Take note that this process demands patience and strategic planning.

No investor wants to lose their hard-earned cash. Therefore, you can control your portfolio well by taking the necessary measures instead of making wrong decisions and losses in the crypto bear markets.

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