Best apps based on different categories – Why you need to know about these!

Smartphones are great for many reasons, but many people are not using their full potential for various reasons. Some people find it complicated to use apps, but they can make many things in life so much easier. It’s true that there are so many apps to choose from, that it might even make it more difficult to figure out. Luckily there are useful guides like this one, so you can get an insight into some of the best apps out there.

Gaming apps

Both online and on various apps, you can find heaps of exciting entertainment. Maybe you’re already enjoying checking out the nfl week 13 odds online, but don’t know where to bet? There are several apps available where this is possible. You can also try out other cool gaming apps like these ones:

·  Alto’s Odyssey

·  The Battle of Polytopia

·  Blek

·  Clash Royale

·  Call of Duty: Mobile

Sports and exercise apps

Apps like these are incredibly handy and useful if you’re looking for both motivation but also inspiration as well as process-tracking. There’s a long list of different exercises and apps for working out and it all depends on what kind of sports you like. If you’re an iPhone owner, then you should check out ‘Apple Fitness Plus’. The app covers HIIT training, yoga, meditation and strength.

Another app to consider is ‘Nike Training Club’, which scores high on the rankings. The app has a lot of great training programs and there are lots of customized possibilities. Other apps like these which are worth checking out, include the following:

·  Strava

·  Sweat

·  Future

·  Glo

Other apps have weight loss programmes too. 

Conscious about your diet

If you’re looking for a way of eating healthier, losing weight, or trying out a specific diet, many apps may be helpful. If you want to know how many calories you intake every day, apps like ‘Lifesum’ are worth checking out. You can both find meal plans as well as register your daily food intake, exercise, and water. This app features a lot more, such as different diets. Other diet apps worth checking out are these:

·  Fooducate

·  Carb Manager

·  Paleo

·  PlateJoy

Best streaming apps

There are luckily many streaming options available nowadays, but some are better. Still ‘Netflix ranks as one of the best ones, also in terms of their app. ‘HBO Max’ also tops the lists and after these, there’s also ‘Disney Plus’ and ‘Hulu’.

Productivity and organization apps

Being organized is not always so easy, but with the help of some smart and functional organization and planner apps, it may be a bit easier. Apps like ‘ClickUp’ are super useful for managing projects. ‘Todoist’ is great for managing tasks and planning your day. Some organization and planning apps to check out are the following:

·  Trello

·  Get Plan

·  Sunsama

Photo editing apps

There are so many cool apps there for editing both videos and movies. Special effects vary from apps, but many people are very fond of the app called ‘Snapseed’. This app takes a little bit of time to get to know, but the features are great. Other photo editing apps to know about are these:

·  Pixlr

·  Adobe Lightroom

·  Afterlight

Make memories into movies

The best movie-creating apps to check out include ‘Magisto’, which allows you to create some cool videos. You can also try out the app called ‘InShot’ which is great for beginners. ‘Premiere Rush’ is rated as being one of the very best ones in terms of apps for creating movies. Other apps you might like in this category include these:

·  Quick

·  SlowPro

·  Storyboard Composer

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